A barcode is a representation on a product that comprises of a combination of lines with distinct dimensions which provides important information concerning the product. A barcode scanner is an electronic gadget used for scanning and reading printed barcodes. For better functioning of barcodes, computer devices like barcode computers and handheld mobile gadgets were developed. Barcode scanners are powered by rechargeable batteries which can last for some hours of work.


They are simple and easy to use portable devices that do not need any precise training to operate it. This barcode scanner gives supermarkets and stores the advantage of monitoring cash income and stock keeping. It performs these functions better and faster than any other equipment enabling business organisations to optimize their income and gains. The software used with barcode scanners packages all informations together providing better management of resources and income. Another tool employed in time management technology is the card printer used by staff of an organization.


All staff of a company has an identification code on a card which contains an employee's data used for identification, access into or exit the building. The company's database contains all employees information, therefore, many decisions can be made using these data. The development of this technology with these equipments has helped companies and businesses to effectively manage their time, stocks and staff. Barcode scanner and computer systems help to save time and other resources.


This technology is faster in operation as informations about a product can be transmitted on a computer system in a few seconds. There is no need to remember all stocks, products and their informations because all these are displayed on a computer screen using the barcode scanner. Barcode scanning technology helps business organizations to make relevant decisions for profitability.

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